woensdag 28 oktober 2015

Melophobia by James Morris

5 stars
A world without music! I can’t imagine how that would be (don’t want to either).
This story is telling us about a world where music is banned. People are not allowed to make or listen to music and if they do they will be punished!
 Melophobia: fear or hatred of music.

The time—now; the place—America, but in a world where the government controls all forms of art and creativity. Any music sowing the seeds of anarchy is banned—destroyed if found—its creators and listeners harshly punished.

Merrin Pierce works as an undercover Patrol officer assigned to apprehend a fugitive musician who threatens the safe fabric of society, only to confront everything she thought to be true – her values, upbringing, job, and future.

Can love survive in a world without music?
Merrin is a patrol officer. Her job is to arrest musicians and people who listen to Music. Her father, Tarquin Pierce is the minister of broadcast standards. Her mother ran off with a musician years ago.

She works undercover with her partner Anders to infiltrate the underground music scene and arrest musicians and listeners. While undercover she meets Val. Merrin doesn’t like Val but she becomes friends with her because Val knows the fugutive musician Merrin wants to catch.

Her father introduces her to Rowan Sol. Rowan also works at the ministry of broadcast standards, he composes muzak.

Merrin falls in love with Rowan, but not only with Rowan!

The characters are very well discribed.

I liked Merrin, She is doing her job very well but ends up asking herself if she is doing the right thing. She makes some stupid decisions (made me wanna slap her)

Her father does everything to keep his reputation high and didn’t stand behind his daughter. I don’t like him for that.

Anders and Merrin used to date. Anders is still very much in love with Merrin and also a bit jealous. Not a good combination!

Rowan is a sweet, romantic guy. I totally understand why Merrin falls in love with him!

It’s a story about love and betrayal with some unexpected twists. It started a bit slow but after a few chapters it got faster.

The last chapters I couldn’t put it down, I had to know how it would end. And it was not what I expected!
What lies within was the first title I read from James Morris. I gave it 5 stars.
Melophobia also gets 5 stars from me!

James Morris is a great writer. I’m definitely gonna read everything he publishes!
I highly recommend this to everyone!

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